What is Core Drilling?

Core drilling is a vibration free, hole forming method. It can be done with either a mounted rig or a hand drill and they create clean, smooth holes in structural concrete, masonry, walls, floors and many other types of building materials. Holes can be small or large – 10 mm to 1000 mm – depending on the individual project need.

Holes can be drilled into vertical surfaces, horizontal surfaces or even inverted if required. You normally need core drilling when installing electrical services, piping or HVAC systems and runway or taxiway lighting, or performing nuclear decommissioning. They are also used to create man holes, culverts, to prevent over cutting and to provide testing surfaces.

Concrete Drilling Adelaide

Our highly experienced & qualified team of Concrete Drillers can accommodate any project, whether big or small, and will provide Fast results in a safe environment. Our combined experience and specialist knowledge make us the best concrete coring company in Adelaide to choose from.

Our concrete core drilling techniques are fast and accurate, and utilise high quality machinery which has been specifically designed for its effectiveness. Whether for a wall, floor, or ceiling, we can provide exact circular cuts for both commercial or domestic projects.

Why Choose Us?

* Vast Industry Experience

Our team has years of experience in handling a wide variety of rock and concrete drilling tasks. We have a proven track record when it comes to delivering successful core drilling projects so don’t hesitate to engage our services today.

* High-Tech Tools And Equipment

We are proud to make use of the latest and most high-tech tools and equipment in our core drilling projects in Adelaide. Our diverse range of tools and equipment allows us to take on any core drilling job that is required.

* Affordable Rates

We value our clients and that’s why we always strive to offer them the best core drilling rates. We do not overcharge our clients to perform simple core drilling tasks.

* Safe Drilling Methods

If you value the safety and security of your property, then Holdfast Concrete Drilling is the company to work with. We put your safety and the safety of your property first when undertaking any core drilling task.

* Fully Licensed And Certified

We are fully licensed and insured. We have all the necessary approvals needed to work on any domestic or commercial core drilling projects. All our engineers and technicians have the relevant certifications needed to engage in core drilling projects.

Commercial Concrete Coring Services

We have worked tirelessly to become a trusted name among commercial construction companies and other businesses who require a reliable and professional concrete coring company. We understand the importance of completing a task quickly, and efficiently, to speed up the overall construction or renovation process, which is why our highly qualified team work closely with you, to ensure your specifications are met to the letter.

Whether for the foundations of a building, the installation of piping, wiring or for another purpose our core drilling services can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. Speak with us today about your project so that we can discuss your needs in greater detail.

Residential Coring

Our team can also offer their drilling services for any domestic projects and will do with care and consideration. We take great pains to limit our disturbance to you and your neighbours and ensure we clean up all mess afterwards. We always strive to put our customers first and aim to put in the extra effort to ensure you are entirely satisfied with our services.

Concrete Drilling

We provide our clients with Concrete Drilling in Adelaide plus a huge range of other solutions to help with the removal of concrete, wire sawing, demolition and more. Our wall sawing equipment also allows us to make holes for the addition of lift shafts or doorways, whilst our brick cutting machinery can remove walls or add specific cuts.