Hand Saw Methods

Hand saws have diamond blades that achieve a depth of between 50mm and 300mm if required. They are very versatile, are able to create clean cuts in almost every type of building material and can be powered by petrol, electricity or hydraulics.

Some of the more typical uses for a hand saw are to form new doorways, electrical and plumbing openings and new windows. They also easily create expansion cuts in new slabs, demolition cuts in walls and flooring and precision trimming for pipes and other components.

The most efficient and reliable form of concrete sawing depending on the application is hand sawing.

At Holdfast Sawing & Drilling, your project is completed with high levels of precision and consistency using Hand Sawing methods. These are detailed sawing techniques mastered after years of experience and continuous education.

The specialists at Holdfast Sawing & Drilling pride ourselves in using optimal hand sawing methods to create positive results. We use appropriate methods to establish consistent practices and ensure all solutions are customised.

For all hand sawing requirements in Adelaide, Holdfast Sawing & Drilling remains the number one option in town.

Chain Sawing

Using a chain saw is ideal when large machinery and equipment will not fit in the space or is not allowed in the area. They can cut reinforced concrete, brick, block, concrete pip, natural stone and more up to 600 mm deep with ease, speed and with the added benefit of extreme portability.

Chain saws can precisely cut small mechanical openings, create deep plunge cuts and perfect corners as well as many irregular shapes that a standard cutting machine would not be able to produce, all without any overcuts.

Ring Sawing

A ring saw is a type of hand held saw. This method is used to cut into all types of building materials up to 265 mm deep. It uses a diamond tipped offset cutting wheel, which is powered by hydraulics or electricity. They are most often used when either wall saws are not effective or there is not enough room for a wall saw to fit well.

In addition to being able to fit into areas with restricted access or close quarters, it also produces a clean cut while being low-noise and vibration free. The ring saw rotates on a roller system and does not have a core or centre, unlike other handsaws that do have a centre and are rotated on a spindle. Using this handsaw method is good for wall, door and window openings, concrete pipes and manhole covers and more.


What is Road Sawing?

Floor sawing, road sawing or slab sawing is a self-propelled machine that can cut any horizontal surface, including asphalt, tiles, pavers, brick, cobble stone, bridge decks, roadways, pavement, concrete and sandstone up to a depth of 600mm.

These saws are used to cut expansion joints, cut trenches for conduits, remove damaged areas, cut kerb and gutter or cut an access for utilities, cables, piping and more.

Our machines are powered many ways, including diesel, petrol or electrically, and use diamond tipped blades to produce a clean, smooth cut in any surface material.

To maximise horizontal cutting on flat surfaces, Vic Sawing and Drilling uses only the best road sawing techniques.

With years of experience and a passion for precise concrete cutting, this service offers a comprehensive solution for all road sawing requirements. A specialist will analyse the material, setting, and underlying requirements before commencing to guarantee a smooth finish.

Vic Sawing and Drilling works hard to ensure clients receive full value for their road sawing service and can maximise the space as required. The first step to a paved solution is with the help of road sawing, and that’s where this trained team of specialists comes into action.

Advanced Techniques

Holdfast Concrete Sawing and Drilling is heralded for its approach to modern sawing.

Everything is done with advanced techniques including the selection of equipment for the project. Whether it’s a sensitive surface or a traditional material, this company has the right equipment to manage the project and offer a consistent finish.

Clients are welcome to share their requirements and optimise the project with the help of these techniques.

All relevant information is offered to clients to ensure the solutions are on par with one’s needs and work out as intended. These techniques are customised to suit the client.


Road sawing is not reserved for one type of surface. The company works with a range of surfaces to guarantee a premium solution that’s easy to manage, efficient, and safe.

These surfaces include:

  • Roads
  • Concrete Paths
  • Passageways
  • Pedestrian Walkways

These surfaces are horizontal in their alignment making it essential to use the right tools while getting into the material. If the wrong measures are taken, this can have an impact on the integrity of one’s concrete and how it looks after everything is said and done.

At Vic Sawing we analyse all details before providing a comprehensive solution to our clients.


At Holdfast Concrete Cutting Sawing and Drilling, our team assesses the project before using advanced machinery and techniques.

All of these techniques are not only modern but safe relative to what’s required for the task at hand. This ensures clients are not dealing with sensitive or hazardous situations where the residue may lead to unwanted side effects. It’s best to go with a safe and trusted option such as Holdfast Sawing and Drilling for this very reason.

This is an advanced project and requires meticulous attention to detail, which is why it’s best to go with a trained company. The team is equipped to provide a robust solution that’s ideal for all scenarios.


Strict measures are adhered to by us to ensure positive results.

This includes appropriate certification for all specialists working the machines. We are rigorous when it comes to qualifications, quality control processes, and how the project is completed. This attention to detail guarantees a quality finish that is hard to find anywhere else in Adelaide.

To maximise efficiency, we also places its specialists through continuous training to advance their methods and provide absolute consistency.

For more information, please contact us at Holdfast Concrete Cutting Sawing and Drilling for a complete quote. This will include an assessment of the horizontal surface, type of equipment necessary, timeline, and more to gauge the ideal plan moving forward.

All information is offered on the spot guaranteeing a resolute solution for all project-based needs.

As a trusted leader in Adelaide, Holdfast Sawing and Drilling remains a one-stop option for all sawing requirements. Trust our team to come in and do an incredible job based on your project’s needs.

The only thing left to do is to call our team and organise your concrete road sawing project


What is Soft Cutting?

Soft cutting is a dry cutting system used mainly for concrete foundation slabs or to complete expansion cuts. The soft cutting method uses both a blade and a skid plate, which combine to apply pressure to the surface of the concrete. This prevents chipping and helps to control concrete shrinkage or cracking.

Most soft cutting can be used from residential housing to large commercial building foundations and floors or roadways. Using the soft cutting method makes it possible to control cracks and shrinkage earlier in the curing process, which is paramount in creating a higher quality slab, and also saves 12-36 house in the overall project timeline.


Why use wall sawing?

A wall saw is a high frequency machine that is electrically or hydraulically powered. It is bolted to the wall of reinforced concrete or other hard building materials being cut. It can cut any surface to a depth of 1-metre and is used to cut openings for windows, doors, staircases and elevators, or to create mechanical access openings or cabling openings.

These machines are highly accurate and very precise. They provide a straight and smooth finish on the openings whether they be horizontal or vertical. They are available in many different sizes in order to best match the project requirements. The wall saw has no fumes when used, making it ideal for populated areas and for the safety of the crew.

From small tasks such as making window and door openings to performing precise wall demolition tasks, Holdfast Sawing & Drilling offers a wide variety of wall sawing services to property owners right across Adelaide, through to Glenelg, Gawler, Burnside and all areas.

Our highly-trained and experienced team of concrete cutting technicians are not only focused but also dedicated to offering quality wall sawing services in Adelaide. We use our very own tools and equipment to cut horizontally and vertically through different depths of concrete based on your specific project needs and requirements.

Why Choose Holdfast Sawing & Drilling?

* Efficient

Holdfast Concrete Cutting Sawing & Drilling wall sawing services are both efficient and results-oriented. We try our best to minimise wastage and avoid costly mistakes that can increase the cost of your renovation or building project.

* Superior Workmanship

Our experts have unique skills and familiarity with various sawing techniques and equipment which gives our company the necessary expertise to offer superior workmanship that goes beyond what most people expect.

* High-Tech Wall Cutting Equipment

Our company’s vast experience allows us to build and customise our sawing equipment so that they meet the specific requirements of your wall sawing project. We only use the latest high-tech sawing tools and machinery to ensure we achieve the best results.

* Advanced Wall Sawing Techniques

We are proud to be at the forefront of developing as well as employing various advanced wall sawing techniques on all our projects. These techniques allow us to achieve pin-point accuracy when making cuts on different concrete surfaces.

Professional Wall Sawing Services

Our team of wall sawing experts use diamond blades that are mounted on electric or gas powered saws to make high-precision cuts. Gas powered saws are perfect for outdoor use while electric saws are preferred for indoor use or in tight spaces with limited ventilation.

Our proprietary early entry sawing technique allows us to use some specially designed blades for optimal handling and best results on a wide range of concrete surfaces. Our saws can penetrate the densest of structures without cracking or causing damage to joints.

Additional Services

Some of the additional services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Decommissioning services
  • Dowel drilling
  • Brick wall cutting
  • Concrete x-ray services
  • Concrete barrier wall demolition/removal
  • Concrete coring
  • Concrete crack repair

Apart from this, we also provide various means and methods of concrete removal and sequencing for the fast and safe structure demolition.

Servicing Clients in Adelaide

With Holdfast Concrete Cutting Sawing & Drilling, you can be sure that our efficient and superior craftsmanship will leave all surrounding structures free from dust or damage. We offer both residential and commercial wall sawing services to residents of Adelaide, Glenelg, and surrounding areas. Whatever your project is, our team of wall sawing expertise is ready and willing to help you achieve the best results.


Why Wire Saw?

A wire saw is a unique and innovative technique that allows the user the ability to cut through stone, granite, concrete, heavy rebar and embedded steel of any thickness. It gives a straight and smooth finish and works well for openings in walls, ceilings or floors without having to worry about breakage in the surrounding material.

The 12mm wire is imbedded with diamond and runs through guide pulleys and driven by either a hydraulic or electric motors, which allows it to make cuts where other, more traditionally used methods would not fit or would not be effective. This technique is very silent and produces no vibration or dust which makes it an excellent choice for areas with noise restrictions.