When you need to remove a surface coating, polymer overlays or other types of top layering from your concrete floor, patios and footpaths, Holdfast Concrete Cutting & Sawing in Adelaide is the one to call.

We are also able to even out any unlevelled surface and tripping hazards or, oppositely, can roughen up a surface to provide better skid resistance while keeping it smooth enough not to cause issues for tyres or even bare feet.

Our grinding machine has coarse discs that rotate very quickly against the concrete. Pressure is applied and the machine is moved along the surface in guided, circular and overlapping paths. Using this method means that there is little to no pattern left.

Holdfast Concrete Grinding in Adelaide has a variety of grinding discs with different levels of roughness for the best efficiency and to provide the most effectiveness and accuracy for any project.

Surface Preparation Work

Along with our expert grinding services, we are also able to provide a wide range of floor surface preparation work, which not only includes levelling, but also polishing the concrete surfaces as well as removing wall glue, waterproofing membrane, epoxy paint and floor vinyl.

Our Experts

Our team have the experience needed to handle all of our powerful equipment with competence and skill in order to give your concrete the precise look you want. We will also assist you in all concrete planning and in finding the best, most efficient and cost effective option that will fit your needs.